13 September 2016 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday


optimized-2016-08-21-19-02-40Yes, I know I’m silly, and yes, I embrace that. Besides, this is the sort of thing that would happen to me. See you tomorrow.


1 March 2016 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday



It’s odd. I messed this up in all kinds of ways, but it has a certain intensity that I like. I don’t know what happened with the mouth, but he looks a bit like a ventriloquist doll, and therefore, creepy. My comment on the sketch is placed in old radio code, which amuses me. When I added the blue to the checks it really went wonky. It just goes to show that I am well and truly tired, so I am posting my first quick sketch of the day. Need to get things done and go to bed early today to make up for staying up too late yesterday. See you tomorrow.

20 January 2016 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday



I’m still working on using different shades on the face to indicate volume, and trying to leave more white space for sparkle. This fellow just wanted to be blue. This started as a single-line contour drawing and the scribbling beneath the chin is a dark area, not a strange beard-like appendage. I like this sketch, but I feel like he is looking at me just waiting to say something sarcastic. It’s okay. I am sure I would enjoy that. See you tomorrow.

11 January 2016 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday


Optimized-2016-01-11 19.35.08

Everyone dies, but this loss hits hard. I grew up with his music and watched him change faces and styles with the decades. His music spoke to me. He was one of the celebrated bearers of the freak flag, letting all the little weird kids know it was okay to grow up to be weird adults, to be creative, to be ourselves. Bowie was an individual who was very individual. As I was looking for a photo to sketch from, this picture from Ziggy Stardust reminded me a bit of a death mask. Rest in Peace. Drawing helped with the sadness.

6 January 2016 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday



This is a two-page spread. Every once in a while I try drawing faces without looking at people. I am getting better at it because I have been practicing a lot on faces. I need to practice more on arms and hands, because I haven’t figured those out as well, so tonight, I mostly didn’t draw them. I wanted to put captions in. Once you put the bubbles in, the drawings tend to speak their mind. I don’t really mind. It’s all part of the fun. See you tomorrow.

3 January 2016 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday



I’ve been doing some practice loosening up, and also today I wanted to draw a feeling more than an object. This is a bathroom rubber duck, and the caption shows what I was trying to paint and how the day was. Tomorrow is another day, and I am a mostly cheerful sort, so I am certain things will be better. See you then.

2 January 2016 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday


Optimized-2016-01-02 20.00.48

Yesterday’s post somehow stayed as a draft, so I did it yesterday but it is only now showing. Technology is fun. Here’s today’s sketch. I have started rereading the Sherlock Holmes canon since I am such a big fan of BBC’s Sherlock and CBS’s Elementary amongst other Sherlockian goodness like The SherlockianIt should be a fun, if short, project because I read quickly. I thought today called for a sketch of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock as I am going tomorrow to see the Sherlock special at the movie theater. That hat is a pain to draw! See you tomorrow.