19 September 2016 — A brief pause


Hi there. Today I drew a smiley face. Rather than taking a picture of it, I’ll let you extrapolate from the emoticon ­čśë ┬áThe last few days I’ve been busy with an enormous project and by the time it comes to post I’ve been too sleepy to do so. Today has been similar, so I’ve decided to take a short holiday┬áfrom daily posting as a reward for my usual consistency. I’ll be back soon, most likely the middle of next week, and I’ll have more to share about my big project which will be awesome for my creative pursuits in the long term. See you soon!


10 and 11 November 2015 — fyi


No sketch posted yesterday or today because I’ve been home sick with asthma. Slowly recovering but I spent most of yesterday napping. Today is better but I am still catching my breath. It feels odd not to draw, but sometimes one just has to give in and rest. See you tomorrow.

18 April 2015 — post delayed


Gentle Readers,

I have been short on sleep all week and was up super early to go to a fabulous sketch crawl in Port Gamble. I just got home and I am so exhausted while also full of joy, so I don’t have the energy to tonight to photograph sketches and get the blog post done. Tomorrow I will post one for today and one for tomorrow. I have so much to show you! While you wait, here’s the haiku I wrote about my day. See you tomorrow.