21 June 2016 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday

nametagcropToday’s and yesterday’s sketches were both done from black and white mug shots. I added the freckles to this kid, because he seems so harmless, but you never know when hate will just jump out of nowhere from you. Sometimes hatred carries a gun, and other times it comes in the form of speech or other actions that hurt but don’t kill. I used to do a lot of temp work, and at one job I had my cubicle trashed at work with gay slurs written on it. Another place I was ambushed by a co-worker who said she didn’t appreciate hearing about my “lifestyle”. I had mentioned I liked to go out country dancing at a local gay bar. I live in Seattle, which is a very progressive city, with a lot of gay people, but this stuff still happens a lot more than you would think, and it hurts every single time. We have to work on stopping all prejudice one person at a time. See you tomorrow.


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