17 March 2016 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday, #shutyourmonkey

2016-03-16 13.07.11

I am a day ahead of myself. I am posting this on Wednesday for your reading on Thursday, because otherwise you’ll go without on Thursday. We cannot have that. Danny Gregory is my Sketchbook Skool teacher, the co-founder of Skool, and an artist who has been inspiring me for a long time. His new book, Shut Your Monkey, just came out. This is in honor of that. Danny calls his critical inner voice his monkey, and his book tells you how to shut the unhelpful things it says. I appreciate that. As an artist and a writer I have my own inner monkeys, including the one that kept telling me I could not draw a monkey while I drew this sketch. As you see, I have censored his dialogue, but I have not completely blocked him out. I am still working on that. See you tomorrow.


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