12 November 2015 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday

Optimized-2015-11-12 23.42.20

I doodled the last two days while I was mainly sleeping and being asthmatic but didn’t have the energy to post. Today I went to work and even left the house. I thought this sketch today would be fitting although it takes some explaining for those of you who aren’t fans of Doctor Who. Recently the show temporarily stopped featuring one of the Doctor’s main nifty accessories– the sonic screwdriver. The Doctor now has sonic sunglasses. Steven Moffat, who is currently in charge, claims that sunglasses are something every child can have and feel like the Doctor. Fans (including me) want the sonic screwdriver back–now. I love Osgood, who is a nerdy recurring character and is currently protecting the Earth and all its creatures. Just like Osgood, I wear glasses and need an asthma inhaler. I too can save the earth.

I rushed the watercolor phase on the tricky paper so things ran together. I’d like to draw this sketch again. Also I wanted to use real glasses to model the sketch….but I had to take them off to draw them. Then I couldn’t see them. Ah well, still a nice return to sketching with a very nerdy theme that relates to my two days off screen.


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