9 September 2015 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday

Donald Trump

This is my second sketch of Donald Trump. I haven’t had time yet to add color. Someone asked me why I would draw someone I don’t support, and I think it’s easier to draw someone you don’t care for because you care less if they look nice. I also have been challenging myself with faces, and when I am not drawing people in person it’s easy to find photos of famous people. I tend to draw more men than women when I draw from photos, and that’s mainly because the women are often so airbrushed that no features are left.

****posted late. I have just gotten back from my trip and have been in a flurry of activity and then had some problems uploading all the pictures. I should be back on my regular schedule tomorrow (9/13). Thanks for your patience, dear readers! I did tons of sketches on my trip.


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