13 July 2015 — #sketchaday, #SketchbookSkool

Devil playing violin


I am having fun playing, which is much needed. A good friend died a few days ago and I am feeling really sad. She was an artist, so I think she would appreciate me working through my sadness with writing and art. Our homework was to drop some ink onto paper and blow through a straw at it to scatter the ink and then draw monsters with the splotches. I figure an assignment is always a starting point, and I saw a devil which just needed a little embellishment to be the devil playing the fiddle, just like the great Charlie Daniels’ song. The other splotch really reminded me of a tree branch. Hence the drawing. I made some others, too. I like this technique because it’s fun and messy. I like messy because it really feels like play. Enjoy.


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