9 July 2015 — #sketchaday, #SketchbookSkool

distorted triangle selfie

One of the fun assignments I have for homework this week is to take a distorted photo and draw a self portrait from that. I did two of those today. I used a free app called CamWow. This allowed me to look at the distorted picture as I was taking it. This was one distorted view, and the next portrait is another.

distorted self portrait

I like the fun this adds to the drawing. I got the skin tone a bit dark here. I have twelve paint colors in my box, and I usually mix Caucasian skin tone from umber and red, but it was a little off here. The buildings in the back were yellowish, but I should have done something to make them a higher contrast from the face. Live and learn. I am going to try this again using the app to photograph other things. I also feel less intimidated drawing myself when I know the photo is distorted. I feel less pressure to get a likeness, and things are more fun with less pressure. Looking forward to more playful exercises!



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