17 June 2015 — #SketchbookSkool, #sketchaday, #SBSBootkamp

Lady Poetesses from Hell


The homework assignment was to take a photo from your personal history (or several) and to sketch it with some notes. This photo hangs on the wall behind my altar. I am a member of the Lady Poetesses from Hell. The caption above got cut off, but it’s been said that we dress up like ladies and read unladylike poetry. We do so at places like science fiction conventions, and we have released a book with the same title. I don’t get to read with the others as often as I’d like anymore because most of the ladies are based in Minnesota, where I went for grad school and so I can’t always attend. John Calvin Rezmerski channels a lady poetess, and so he is a regular member of the group. We have a lot of fun.

I hope they will forgive me this sketch–some of these do not look at all like the original person, and others retain only a flavor. The width of the pen made some of the faces hard and the eyes merely cartoonish. K.C. O’Malley is wearing a mask in the photo, and I’m not sure that comes across. In my own defense, I also drew myself (somewhat badly). I had pink hair back then. This sketch didn’t get any watercolor, although I think it would have helped. I ended up using various colors of pen, and some of them aren’t waterproof, so I didn’t have the option. This was a fun exercise and it came out better than I expected, much like some of the poems I’ve written.

If you wondering about some of the poetry, you can follow the Lady Poetesses link from above. Here is one of the poems I have in the collection:

story problem

if a silk stocking
her exposed thigh
at the rate of
2 seconds per
question mark, revealing
a trail
on her milky white calf
and then dangles
at the tip
of her toes
for an entire
how long does it hang
in the air before


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