14 June 2015 — #Sketchaday, #SketchbookSkool, #SBSBootkamp

Spaceman Spiff, after Bill Watterson Optimized-Spaceman Spiff Raygun


When you are learning to draw, it can be good to study and copy the masters who inspire you. We were given this as an assignment for skool and I had done it on my own before. One of the artists who inspires me is Bill Watterson who draws the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. His strips are funny and inventive, and even the artwork has a deceptively simple joy to it which is not so easy to copy. My favorite character in the strip is Spaceman Spiff. I love campy science fiction, but I also love that Spaceman Spiff is Calvin’s alter ego when he’s daydreaming. Here are two copies of the artwork done (as usual) without pencil.


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