12 April 2015 — #sketchaday, #sketchbookskool

sketch of Chuck Berry


I did a whole bunch of experiments today. Some of them were using diluted ink or gouache inside of guidelines made by blue painter’s tape. This is one of those. I called it twisted because I have been sketching without pencil guidelines first and I somehow didn’t get the picking hand anywhere near the guitar strings because I was working my way around the figure. Oops! I still like the drawing and the effect of the color blocks. I love Chuck Berry and classic rock and roll so it’s nice to have that commemorated in my sketchbook.

I also tried using gouache through a stencil with watercolor over and then ink. The gouache is supposed to resist the watercolor and make a cool background but it only sort of worked. I think I’ll try it again, but for now that wasn’t the most successful test. Live and learn, and keep experimenting!


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