2 April 2015 — #sketchaday, #sketchbookskool, #art4all

art sketch


Dear Readers, I have to tell you, I am excited about today’s sketch. It’s not because it’s the most amazing thing I have drawn. It’s because it’s fun and I learned so much from it which has so much possibility for future art. I was out of the house, wandering about, and I found these white tags–archival, lignan and acid free paper. They looked like they would be fun to draw on. I could have cut off the holes, but I didn’t want to, today. They took to the India Ink splendidly, and then I used diluted gouache around them. I think this really leaps off the grey paper and I can see myself doing a lot with this. Also, these little tags are very inexpensive, and a nice little pocket drawing supply to carry around. There are 25 of them, and I paid $1.29. Looking around online to post the link, I see they come in all sorts of colors and if you cut the edges off they might make nice cartoon panels on a colored page or you can use them for mini portraits. I also had fun painting with the gouache. I think it contrasts nicely with the paper. I can’t wait to make more experiments! If you do something cool with these, please let me know in the comments or post a link to your blog.


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