22 January 2015 — #sketchbookskool, #sketchaday

humorous sketch of plane landing in coffee

Lots of fun with tonight’s sketch. Just a reminder–if you click on the picture you can see a bigger version. I was at a coffeeshop waiting for a fun storytelling event to begin. I didn’t feel like sketching things in the coffeeshop and I had a toy plane that I had bought to draw. (I’ve been buying toys to draw. I love them.) I didn’t want to carry much….so I just had the one toy and my cup of coffee. I made up a story panel and I experimented with crosshatching and the watercolor sky technique I just learned. I quite like the results, although the blending could be more subtle (it’s hard to do a large area fast enough). In case you can’t read the text, it says: “Seeing nowhere to land in the storm, the pilot of the toy plane prepares to put down in the coffee cup. ¬†Besides, he could use a good cup of Joe.” Yes, I’m having fun. I also used my little sketch pad to sketch people during storytelling tonight, and came up with some really fun stuff. The lady sitting next to me grabbed the pad to look through it and said she thought the sketches were really good. Readers, I’m encouraged. See you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “22 January 2015 — #sketchbookskool, #sketchaday

  1. Your toy sketches brought back happy memories — I used to carry toys in my purse when my daughter was little! I had little planes, zoo animals, dolls and some of those wind-up toys which walk across the table!


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