11 January 2015 — #sketchbookskool, #sketchaday

colored pencil drawing of squash


This is my second attempt at a realistic drawing of a piece of food for Koosje‘s klass in Sketchbook Skool. As the text says, I was out shopping and bought the squash because I thought it might be fun to draw (after doing an apple the first time). I bought a different apple and some brussel sprouts that may get drawn later in the week. One thing I noticed this time is that having the right pencils really matters. I wasn’t getting the right contrast on the yellows until I found a gold pencil in the bottom of my box which allowed me to add some darker tones. That’s something to keep in mind. I’m happy with the shadow here. I feel like progress has been made. You can probably also see that I pasted over part of my writing on the top of the drawing. I was so intent on the lettering that I temporarily forgot how to spell. I’m an editor, so it would have driven me crazy not to fix it. Know thyself, and next time pay more attention. I bought some inexpensive goodies at the art supply store today, so more experiments are on the way.


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