6 January 2015 — #sketchbookskool, #sketchaday

Sketch of a top with Zen musings


I tried the weird pink acrylic gouache again. Even watered down, it wouldn’t spread. I love the color, but I’m not happy with it. I tired using regular pen but it still wouldn’t show, so I wrote over it. That was the kind of chaotic day it was–I lost my wallet for two hours in the house and panicked, finding it in a pocket. I should have stayed centered. It might have gone easier. Live and learn.

On the plus side, I like the way the top came out, and it really stands out against the background. This is an experiment to try again (with different gouache. Next time I might have the gears of the top sticking out–this is one of those tops that you pump from the top until you have it nice and fast, and then you let it fly. You do what you can, and let it go. The top has many lessons to teach. I’m listening.


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