2 January 2015 — #sketchbookskool, #sketchaday

Sketch of Buddha



This is my first bit of homework for my first class in Sketchbook Skool. This is for the first part of the Beginnings Klass, taught by Danny Gregory. There are things I like about this and things which were hard. My waterproof pen (the title at top) smeared once I painted over it. The magenta background is gouache. I’ve never used it before, and it’s really thick, so I found it hard to control and spread. We were meant to use regular ink, but as you can see from the date at the bottom right of the pink, it wouldn’t show up, so I switched to a white gel pen I happened to have handy. All in all, I found this technique inspirational and I plan to try it again. Oh, and I’m proud of myself, because the blue lines and the yellow on the top is actual watercolor paint and not watercolor pencils. That’s daring for me–so much less control! But then again, that’s part of what Buddhism is about, realizing that we don’t have as much control as we think. It’s kind of perfect.



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